Keeping a Dog Training Journal

Technically, there is a difference between a training log and a training journal. Information entered in a training log is just basic information about training times, dates, and exercises. A training journal contains other information, like the way you were feeling that day; the way the dog was feeling; weather conditions, etc. Personally, I think [...]

Word of Mouth – Dog Kennels

Once we find a kennel we like, we tend to be very loyal – the dogs are more settled if they are visiting familiar surroundings – here are our current recommendations…

Labrador Puppies for Sale – Available 18th May

Fabulous opportunity to buy a working strain labrador puppy.

Great Hunting Dogs

What makes a great hunting dog? Dogs, as with many things in life, can all too often be subject to fashion; and over a lifetime fashion can change a breed beyond recognition. But this is not a new thing. I have just been reading my copy of ‘Dog Breaking’ by Hutchinson. In it he talks [...]

Training for life

Graham Gibson presents the essential basics to get a dog walking to heel and recalling – I cannot wait for his gundog training dvds to be available.