Labrador Puppies for Sale – Available 18th May

Obviously all sold now, but pictures left for posterity.

For those of you looking for a retrieving dog, you can do much worse than a working-strain Labrador. I have just heard of a litter with an interesting pedigree, including more than 70 FTCh in 5 generations. Now only one puppy left, the dam has been worked

only one puppy remaining

last pup waiting...

for two seasons. If you are interested please email me if you do not mind me passing the mail on to the breeder, otherwise I will post full details here when I have them…

Stop Press!I have just got some pictures and details from the breeder, who works the dam in the Scottish Borders: -

Jagden Falcon having recently pupped.

Working Labrador bitch Jagden Falcon

Jagden Falcon

Jagden Falcon with black labrador pups

black labrador pups enjoying the sun

pups for sale

Mum, why do they say I'm cute?

Jagden Falcon is proving a good mother

Working labrador bitch feeding pups

The pups will be 8 weeks on 18th May

Sire Biney Bob of Smithsteads owned by Polly Dunkley* – 38 FTCH in 5 generation pedigree
has run in the championships
C.O.M. 24 Dog Open Field Trial For A/V Retrievers 29th & 30th September 2010
C.O.M. 24 Dog Open Midland Counties Field Trial Society 11.9.10
Hips 5:6 Elbows 0:0 Eyes clear
by FT CH Flyline Clint
out of FT CH Binney Belle

Dam Jagdens Falcon – 33 FT CH in 5 generation pedigree
good hard worker picking up or beating
Hips 2:3 Elbows 0:0 Eyes clear
by FT CH Waterford Dunbar Hips 2:2 Eyes clear
out of Jagdens Artemis Hips 3:4 Eyes clear

*Labrador Forums NGRA Novice AV Ret. 2.11.09

*Dogs that impressed me were Biney Bob of Smithsteads (FTCh Flyline Clint x FTCh Biney Belle) had a superb eye wipe of a tricky pheasant that had fallen in cover on the other side of a strip of game cover and a thick hedge. Sent from the stubble field Polly was able to push her dog straight through the gamecover and hedge with one cast where the dog was out of sight as soon as it entered the gamecover.

Unfortunately Polly was later eyewiped by another dog that impressed me, Greg Pattersons Ace Angler of Avonstream (FTCh Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway x Mamba Maid) on a retrieve over a ditch, across a small bit of stubble and into a copse on a rise. Polly’s dog worked the copse well but didn’t quite go deep enough.

Jagdens Falcon (Ripple) is a yellow bitch, and I have been beating and picking up with her for two seasons.

At £500 these dogs will go fast I am sure – please feel free to email me at and I will send your enquiries on to the breeder. With the stock that these pups are bred from, you know you are in with a chance of a really good animal – if I wasn’t a GSP man I would be giving these some serious thought…