Word of Mouth – Dog Kennels

I am a great believer in personal recommendations for services and products. For those of you who may be wanting to board dogs in the Scottish Borders or East Lothian I have three active recommendations for kennels. The first is the one we are currently using, Cricklecreek Kennels near Pencaitland. Very pleasant staff have always welcomed us warmly, and been very careful with our now quite frail older dog. Highly recommended – telephone number is 01875 340229.

Before we came to Cricklecreek, we used Lamington Kennels near Biggar or Abington. We used to travel 15 or 20 miles to get there, and if we hadn’t moved another twenty we would still be going there. The kennels are well off the road, and the welcome was always relaxed and the tell-tale sign for me is the welcome that the dogs gave Izzie, often beating the one they gave me when I came to collect them. Their website is Lamington Gundogs

The third recommendation and more accessible for some is Pawprints near Dolphinton. We have only used it once or twice since it changed hands, and the only reason we changed to Lamington was that we could not always get into Pawprints with the short notice we gave. See their site here -> Pawprints.