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Professional Gundog Training: The Trade Secrets by Joe Irving

The third and latest of Joe’s books I have bought, the trade secrets give an insight to problems that you may encounter. Joe has in the past given me permission to quote from his ‘training spaniels‘ and I will be cheeky and extend that permission to quoting from this book, which as I write is […]

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Buying a Puppy

Fantastic! You’ve decided to buy a puppy, something that most people never regret. To give yourselves and the puppy every chance, there are certain considerations to take into account…

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Training a Standard Poodle

Question – I have a Standard Poodle, who is quite active and smart. What equipment should I get first to teach him retrieving? Our Answer. Depending on the age of the dog, I would recommend a tennis ball for training the techniques, and when he is happy with retrieving, move onto a couple of gundog training […]

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Old Dog, New Tricks?

Bruce the Vizsla is proving troublesome with his retrieving – is it too late to overcome the problem of a gundog refusing to bring dead game to hand? Some suggestions for improving the behaviour.

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