Gundogs, Their Learning Chain by Joe Irving

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I am a fan of Joe Irving and have been since his writing helped me deal with a particularly headstrong springer spaniel back in the late eighties. I have chosen to include this book here because it represents a great way to train a dog whatever the animal’s temperament or abilities. Not as focussed on the Springer Spaniel as his first book, Training Spaniels, it is nevertheless an excellent choice for those training any of the common breeds used in the UK field, including Labradors.

Now, his Training Spaniels book was a revelation to me when I bought it, not least because it made things seem so easy. It has been criticised by some on the Amazon sites for not being organised as a series of steps and for being in a conversational and chatty style; personally I realise that dogs like people are not programmable and cannot be taught in a series of steps without thinking, and Joe’s book got me doing just that, thinking.

I have written a little review for it here: Training Spaniels by Joe Irving.

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