Have the Best Trained Gundog

Now I am a great fan of some of the old trainers – by old I mean from the 19th Century – and yes, some of them did know how to train dogs in those days! Forget the horror stories of beating dogs into submission, the best principles used today were around in those days.

Two books I am particularly fond of are Dog Training By Amateurs, by R Sharpe, written in the 1920s, and Dog Breaking by Hutchinson, originally published in August 1848. Both these books should be snapped up, if you can find them, as I was lucky enough to, priced at £2.50 and £6.25 respectively – one in a second hand book store, the other at a dog show. This was 20 years ago, and I have since seen them for sale, with Hutchinson priced as high as £65.

Another chap who thinks he has found two manuals from the old masters has taken the trouble to publish them as eBooks, priced at less than thirty dollars for the pair, with a bonus thrown in. I have not seen them yet, and do not know what books they are, but next payday I will buy them and let you know how good they are – if you cannot wait for my review, please feel free to buy them and let me know what you think of them. If you can find any independent reviews I would be interested as well, if they are not up to a reasonable standard I will remove this post.

They are available here Have The Best Trained Gundog On The Shoot.

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