Professional Gundog Training: The Trade Secrets by Joe Irving

The third and latest of Joe’s books I have bought, the trade secrets give an insight to problems that you may encounter. Joe has in the past given me permission to quote from his ‘training spaniels‘ and I will be cheeky and extend that permission to quoting from this book, which as I write is not yet available in Kindle format :-(

Explaining some issues with retrieving, Joe is not beyond admitting that some problems are not worth the solutions; dealing with the crueller variations on forced retrieving, he will not do it, and moves on to the only version he will employ, a short description taken from the book…

“The kindest form of forced retrieving in my opinion is quite a simple remedy. I am well aware that there asre other methods which involve the dog suffering pain. If a handler cannot find a means whereby the dog can be trained without cruelty, then in my opinion the man would be better to remain dogless… …The commonest type of forced retrieving is simplicity itself. It is merely a case of gently putting a light soft object in the dog’s mouth whilst stroking him soothingly, saying ‘Hold – Hold – Good Boy – Hold’, and whenever he drops it, gently replacing it and repeating ‘Hold’.”

Now if that is not an indication of how modern dog trainers should behave with their dogs, I do not know what is.

Any way, here is a link to the hardback version of the book on Amazon UK…

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