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Dog Breaking by General Hutchinson

First published in August 1848 when shooting over dogs was the normal way of hunting, ‘Dog Breaking’ by General Hutchinson was one of the first books written on the subject of gun-dog training. In the preface to the 1909 version, the general’s son discusses the improvement in dog welfare during the intervening years. This he […]

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Trials and Tribulations

There comes a point when you realise that with a little more effort on your part, your dog really could be good enough to enter a trial. If the thought of taking part worries you, why not spectate for a while? An article by Jonathon Preston of Hawshill Kennels

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Choosing an air rifle for shooting rabbits

When I was in my early teens I learned to hunt with an air-rifle, a BSA AirSporter. I tried a couple of shots at rabbits, but in all honesty I thought that rabbits were much too large a quarry for an air rifle, and I concentrated on wood-pigeons instead until I was 15, and became […]

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Horses for Courses

Where the dog is used solely for the purpose of retrieving, you will not need to study the hunting sections, and instead will concentrate on improving the dog’s performance on retrieving. This will involve building a relationship of trust, where the dog believes you when you tell it that there really is a bird down, […]

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