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Dog Breaking by General Hutchinson

First published in August 1848 when shooting over dogs was the normal way of hunting, ‘Dog Breaking’ by General Hutchinson was one of the first books written on the subject of gun-dog training. In the preface to the 1909 version, the general’s son discusses the improvement in dog welfare during the intervening years. This he […]

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Training The Working Spaniel

  I recommend a number of books on this site, principally ones I have had on my shelves for some years, and know from cover to cover. I do not make recommendations lightly, but I have noticed that this book is proving very popular with our visitors. The author, Janet Menzies, is a journalist who […]

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Dog training by amateurs – author R Sharpe

The following excerpt is taken from the introduction to the book ‘Dog Training by Amateurs’ by R Sharpe, a professional dog trainer who published the first edition of his book in 1924. Although some of his techniques are no longer acceptable, there is still a lot to be learned from this book, in particular the […]

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Training Spaniels by Joe Irving

Training Spaniels was the first gundog training book I ever bought, in sheer desperation when I had an uncontrollable Springer Spaniel. As I have said elsewhere on the site, Joe’s approach is conversational and works for me by recognising that not all dogs are the same, and problems have to be approached on an individual […]

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