Training a Gundog Quickly

A new ezine I have subscribed to is written by someone who has learned his dog training skills the hard way – by making mistakes. Richard Allen has the knack of being honest about his errors, and in the latest copy of his ezine he talks about some of those.

I always say that training a gun dog is not difficult, if you are consistent and know what to do! In fact, one of my earliest posts on this site recommended that to really learn fast, there were four sources of information.

The first, and still┬árecommended above all other options, is to join a gundog training club or get private one on one or small group lessons. The second is a good DVD – being shown what to do and what to expect is so much easier. The third recommendation is to get a few good books and immerse yourself in the subject. The last is the internet – don’t want to mark the internet down, but it can be difficult to find exactly what you want there.

Now, assuming that you have difficulty finding a local club, or that you cannot afford small group tuition (which should not be cheap) then we come to the DVD. The advantages of DVDs is that you can go back to them regularly. A slight disadvantage is that you can see too much too soon, and rush your training.

A new video released by Richard Allen paces a beginner through a series of steps. Richard has also reprinted in eBook format a couple of manuals originally published a long time ago. By checking out his site (Best Gun Dog) you can link to his blog and he will send you a series of small demonstration videos to show you some of his techniques. The old manuals can also be purchased here, and his videos are also available on amazon.

So… Buy his DVD here on Amazon UK – Beginner’s Guide to Gundog Training [DVD] [Region 1] [NTSC]
… or buy his DVD here on Amazon Com – Beginner’s Guide to Gundog Training (Easy Methods To Train Your Gun Dog, Bird Dog And Hunting dog).