Training Spaniels by Joe Irving

Training Spaniels was the first gundog training book I ever bought, in sheer desperation when I had an uncontrollable Springer Spaniel. As I have said elsewhere on the site, Joe’s approach is conversational and works for me by recognising that not all dogs are the same, and problems have to be approached on an individual basis.

Aimed at teaching the new dog owner to have a dog that they can be proud of in the field, it looks at the training as teaching according to the maturity of the dog, emphasising that it is necessary to get the basics right before proceding on to the more advanced stages.

Joe was one of the first dog trainers that made it easy for me to understand the logic behind the way a dogs mind works – for example he brought it home to me that a dog sees things from a much lower viewpoint, and that if it sees a dummy fall behind a bush it will not necessarily have an idea of just how far behind the bush it fell.

When his latest book, Professional Dog Training came out, I purchased it immediately for the insights it gave into dog training problems and solutions.

Anyway, you can buy all of Joe’s books on Amazon co uk, hardback and now Kindle! Here are the links to Training Spaniels for the hard back and kindle versions, think the paperback must be out of stock at the moment.

In the hardback version…

and in the Kindle Edition…

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