Training The Working Spaniel


I recommend a number of books on this site, principally ones I have had on my shelves for some years, and know from cover to cover. I do not make recommendations lightly, but I have noticed that this book is proving very popular with our visitors.

The author, Janet Menzies, is a journalist who works spaniels. She is a gundog correspondent for The Field and writes a monthly column on gundog training for the magazine.

Training the Working Spaniel makes it simple for anyone to train their gundog, no matter what facilities are available. The book contains chapters on training the urban gundog; how to keep a working dog in a family home; and introducing first-timers to working their spaniel in a variety of shooting situations.

The author takes the reader, whether novice or experienced, all the way from teaching the pup to hup to competing in field trials at the highest levels.

The book covers everything from the first lessons in sitting and staying, to working on live game. It then covers advanced work in the field, rough shooting, picking-up, and training as a peg dog.

The final part of the book introduces the reader to elite spaniel work in field trials as well as giving guidance on breeding your own dogs.

With unique access to the most successful spaniel trainers, the author brings exclusive tips from the top that can be used by any beginner.

How much more recommendation do you need?

Don’t miss a chance to learn from one of the top sources in the country; buy your copy here!