Gundog training can seem an overwhelming task, but the secret is to break it down into small lessons, and only train when you are relaxed. We hope to encourage people to spend a little time concentrating on thinking about what they are trying to achieve, and help them find the resources to achieve their ambitions.

Gundog Training – where do you start?

If you are training a gundog with the intention of working it in the field or to keep it happy (and gundogs do need some kind of work to stay happy) there are a number of things you can do to make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

The first of these is to join a club if possible. There are plenty around the country, generally meeting weekly or monthly, with sessions lasting from a couple of hours to full days. This has the advantage that you meet experienced people who can help with solving any problems you may encounter. It is also a great opportunity to see how others cope with their sometimes wayward animals and it is good fun to mix with like-minded people.

Another recommendation is to get a good DVD (or several) related to the breed you are interested in. I will be reviewing what is currently available, as well as my older ones you may be able to find still on eBay.

My third suggestion is books – there are many books around on the subject, some more useful than others. I have started to review some on this site, but will add more as I find them.

Now To Training

There is a link on the menu to a number of pages for free training tips, or you can browse gundog training tipsheets for free here.

Please remember, although these sheets are useful as a reference, they cannot replace good instruction from experienced people. Happy Training!

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